Company Overview


We desire to be a leading waste management company in Vietnam that provides the best and safest available waste management solution to customers and contribute to society sustainable development by environmental protection, resources conservation.

Tổng quan công ty
Tổng quan công ty


Our devotion is to make a positive difference to environment by bringing together like-minded companies. It is the duty of our corporate to take leadership in sustainability. At all times, we are guided by the following core values:

  1. Integrity
  2. Innovation
  3. Customer orientation

Customer Commitments

1. We are easy to do business with

We keep things simple for our Customers in everything we do.


2. We keep our promises

We deliver on the promises we make to our Customers.
We ask for feedback and always act upon it.


3. We create value

We understand who are our Customers are, what drives their value.
We build lasting relationships and find the best possible solutions to their needs.

Tổng quan công ty

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