Training & Consultancy

Training & Consultancy


  • Organize training courses and provide training (sorting waste, hazardous chemicals & responding to spills).
  • Provide safe waste management consulting services that meet the standards of various industries.


Ecocycle training and counseling process


  • Consult and design training courses

Examine the requirements for training courses in relation to production stages, customers’ specialized operations, along with the targets that needed to be trained.

Examine specific chemicals and wastes produced from the factory’s production process to design appropriate training courses.

  • Implement specialized and feasible training courses

Training course is designed in accordance with the actual production stage of the factory.

Experienced trainers in the field of safety when working with chemicals and hazardous wastes from any industry and production scales.

  • Evaluate and provide consultation according to the “Standard”

Inspect the level of compliance of the factory during the production process and assess the safety and labor control of the factory in accordance with the standards (general standard and specific standards of each industry and production).

Report errors, violations and advice on how to overcome, improve and upgrade to achieve the desired standards given by the customers.

Customer Benefits

Factory employees are trained with specialized courses to improve safety knowledge, control risks and respond to emergency incidents when working with hazardous chemicals and waste generated from production process of the factory.

Being able to share experience and apply practical knowledge to satisfy the job requirements.

Contribute to improve production efficiency and safety activities of the plant.

Help to complete the process of safety control of electricity, machinery, fire, and meet the environmental standards according to international standards and standards of manufactured goods.

Contribute to improve relationships, enhancing prestige and expanding orders between the factory and global brand.

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