We are a recognized leader in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Award recognition is an affirmation that these efforts have a positive impact.


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We are accredited with the following international standard


ISO 9001
Certificate 24111707003

ISO 9001
Certificate 24111706004

ISO 14001
Certificate 24121707004

OHSAS 18001
Certificate 24031707001


Certified by SEDEX in 4 essential criteria:
– Labour
– Health & Safety
– Environment
– Business ethics

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With the determination to operate business with a strong commitment to social and environment responsibility are recognized nationally and internationally. Recent acknowledgments we have received:

Best Practice Plant on Safety, Occupational Health, and Safe Working Environment

Gold level
By Department of Labor Protection and Welfare

Gold Standard Waste Processor

By Department of Industrial Works


By Department of Industrial Works

Green Industry Level 4

(Green Culture)
By Department of Industrial Works,
Ministry of Industry

Zero Waste to Landfill Awards

By Department of Industrial Works,
Ministry of Industry


By Department Industry Works, Ministry of Industry

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