INSEE Ecocycle & 10 year waste treatment journey in Vietnam

On 28/07/2017, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s leading waste treatment brand, Geocycle (a business unit under Holcim Vietnam) held a ceremony marking the transformation of its brand into INSEE Ecocycle (Siam City Cement Vietnam) and celebrated 10 years of safe and sustainable waste treatment along with more than 100 representatives from partners and clients.

Geocycle is now INSEE Ecocycle. However, the determination in the environmental protection journey remains unchanged. That is the commitment of INSEE Ecocycle at the event “10 years – Because tomorrow matters” on 28/07/2017. The event has marked the 10th anniversary milestone and announced the largest brand transformation in the waste management industry.

With the message “Because Tomorrow Matters,” the mission of protecting the environment for the future generation brings the emotions and trust in all customers about Ecocycle’s bright future.

Through the 10-year journey, Ecocycle, has earned the impressive result:

  • Managed safely more than 690,000 tons of waste
  • Reduced more than 1,000,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions

This is the motivation for Ecocycle Vietnam to continue to make positive changes to the environment, and in particular, to be a pioneer in sustainable development.

Ecocycle has recorded many remarkable results in more than 10 years of operation in Vietnam: the first unit in Vietnam to handle PCBs – hazardous waste on the list of waste to be fully processed by 2028 of the world, the first unit in Vietnam to handle HCFC – the gas that causes global warming … In addition, Ecocycle Vietnam always comply fully with the environmental protection laws of Vietnam and the highest standards of the group.

The technology of Co-processing waste in cement kilns that Ecocycle Vietnam is recognized by many international organizations such as World Health Organization, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Basel Convention, Association European Cement … as safe and environmentally and encouraged to apply. With a higher and more stable temperature of up to 2000*C, the longer incineration time than the conventional industrial incinerator, the oxidation environment … allows Ecocycle Vietnam to handle hazardous liquids such as solvents and sludge, pesticides, … and solid waste such as plastics, rubber, nix … completely without leaving ash. In addition, the sealed feeder system operates automatically and the production process is monitored for continuous emission control, which helps Ecocycle to ensure that waste treatment does not cause any environmental impact.

Over the past 10 years of establishment and development, Ecocycle aims to become the leading waste treatment business in Vietnam, providing the best and safest waste management solution for customers, along with environmental protection, conservation of resources towards the sustainable development of Siam City Cement Group.

About Siam City Cement Vietnam (INSEE Vietnam) and its strategy for sustainable development in Vietnam:

Environmental protection is a vital part of INSEE’s sustainable development strategy in Vietnam. In 2017, the company developed the INSEE GREEN Action Program, which consists of three pillars:

  • Green production
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Raising awareness about environmental protection for staff and community

INSEE’s green manufacturing process always focuses on investing and developing technology to reduce energy consumption, effectively use natural resources, reduce water consumption, reduce emissions … to reach the target of environmental protection and sustainable development. In addition, INSEE also aims to mine rehabilitation and ecological protection, through a partnership agreement with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, to ensure multi- biological forms in areas. At the same time, INSEE also attaches great importance to building a green and clean working environment that enhances the environmental awareness of employees and people in the enterprise and locality through a number of specific activities such as “Day Hazardous Waste Exchange”, “Planting Day”…

Since its efforts to protect the environment through a variety of annual and ongoing activities, INSEE is proud of being the leading producer of building materials and waste treatment services that has been leading the way in advanced technology investment and application to optimize the production efficiency, environmental protection and sustainable development.


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