Non-hazardous Waste

The co-processing system of hazardous waste disposal in cement kilns is currently the most advanced and safest technology for non-hazardous waste treatment and INSEE Ecocycle Vietnam proud to be the leader as well as the trusworthy partner in Vietnam.

  • License for transportation and treatment of hazardous wastes nationwide
  • High & stable temperature ( up to ~ 2000 °C)
  • Long residence time (gas ~ 8 sec, solids 30min)
  • Alkaline environment and self cleaning process (CaO)
  • Large capacity (30 tons Waste/hour)
  • Continuous emission real-time monitoring 24/7
  • C02 emission reduction
  • No Ash-Residue, all materials retained in clinker
  • Sustainable development technology

A key advantage we have: all waste is fully destroyed. The thermal energy is recovered, and the minerals are incorporated in the clinker matrix. Therefore, there are no by-products generated that reduces the carbon footprint of cement plants while also leaving no ash residue. The co-processing brings highly efficient and safe for a wide variety of non-hazardous waste include: copper slag, footwear, apparel, plastic, FMCG, cosmetics destroyed, discarded products, ash.

Process of Non-hazardous waste management of INSEE Ecocycle Vietnam