Waste Management


Co-processing Technology

Co-processing technology is the method which modern and safe hazardous waste treatment technology and superior to incineration or landfill in Vietnam. Co-processing in cement kilns lessens reliance on fossil fuels, preserves natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It is now globally recognized as the most sustainable options to treat non-recyclable materials by World Business for Sustainable Development, Basel Convention, European Cement Association …

INSEE Ecocycle Vietnam with Co-processing Technology in cement kiln

INSEE Ecocycle is the subsidiary of Siam City Cement Group, with over 15-year comprehensive to provide safe and environmentally waste management solutions experience in Vietnam. Being established in 2007, INSEE Ecocycle is proud to be a leading as well as a trustworthy partner in Vietnam by Co-processing technology in cement kiln.

We use Co-processing technology that thanks to our inherent process properties such as very high temperatures (gases reach up to 2000 degrees) long residence time and an alkaline environment. A key advantage we have: all waste is fully destroyed. The thermal energy is recovered, and the minerals are incorporated in the clinker matrix. Therefore, there are no by-products generated that reduces the carbon footprint of cement plants while also leaving no ash residue. The co-processing brings highly efficient and safe for a wide variety of wastes such as liquid waste, solvents, wastewater sludge, and even solid wastes including plastic or rubber.

Collection and transportation process
Amount of waste safely co-processed per year