On-site Service

On-site Service


Support to provide customers with the best waste management solution at customer’s storage.

Support process for waste management at Ecocycle factor.


  • Safety assessment and evaluation

Assess the current situation of waste management, storage and waste delivery at the factory for safety evaluation and for confirming the scope of work and on-site managers’ responsibilities.

Develop a safe work process, strictly abide by the rules of the factory and strictly control the delivery and receive of waste to the processing unit as required.

  • Provide on-site service for waste management

Receiving waste from the production, sorting, packing, labeling and storing as required by the law.

Respond to leakages or spilling if any to ensure that waste does not affect the people, the environment and the production activities.

Transfer waste to processing units in transparency, carefully check the types, volumes and delivery documents.

Strictly comply with the safety standards and regulations of the plant and take responsibility when there are mistakes and carelessness during the on-site waste management process.

Customer benefits

Satisfied with the strict waste management process in accordance with the laws and standards of the factory.


Waste storage is managed safely and neatly to ensure a good service for inspections, audit or assessments from relevant agencies.


Satisfied and reassured due to professional staffs who are fully trained and knowledgeable about safety when handling waste.


Protect the image and reputation of the factory during the visits and reviews of the customer.


Customer benefits

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