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Safety In Design


1. Design standards for the construction of hazardous waste storage and treatment facilities


All of INSEE Ecocycle waste storage warehouses are designed in accordance with current Vietnamese construction standards and LarfargeHolcim Standard Design Criteria.

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Safe Handling Of Chemicals


1. Training programs for employees working with chemicals / hazardous waste 


All employees working with chemicals / hazardous waste are entitled to participate in the safety training courses required by Decree 44/2016 / ND-CP before working and every year according to regulations …

Waste Management


1. What kinds of wastes can INSEE Ecocycle handle?


With good facilities and modern techniques, we have the ability to handle various types of toxic and non-toxic wastes: counterfeit/defective/expired products, organic substances, waste plastic, sludge, wastewater, solvents, rubber, ash, pesticide, and wastes from pharmaceutical, consumer goods, textiles, agriculture industries….

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