Secure Product Destruction

Secure Product Destruction


Goods disposal service is controlled by strict procedures; guarantee that customer brands are protected and prevented products from leakage into the market. Online GPS and surveillance camera are equipped throughout.

The secure process of goods destruction of INSEE Ecocycle Vietnam.

  • Assess characteristics and conditions of disposal goods

Check the disposed goods at customer’s warehouse in accordance to the goods destruction and classification list (types of goods, units for calculation…).

Check the physical conditions of the goods compared to the report to propose goods disposal service from the customer’s system.

  • Sample disposal goods to modify a destruction plan

Sample all kinds of disposal goods to analyze dangerous contents and components (if any) that could affect people and the environment during the destruction process. -Develop safe destruction plans (cutting, slitting, smashing, puncture, mixing…) that could deform these disposal goods depending on the characteristics and requirements of each types of disposal goods.

  • Collect and transport disposal goods

Collect disposal goods by trucks that are fully equipped with technology to prevent leakage, spilling in case of emergency binding with the safety standards.

Diversify means of transportation in accordance with the materials, packaging and volume of these disposal goods using 5T & 8T trucks, 20ft & 40ft containers.

Provide online GPS before each collecting trip to enable tracking and checking of driver information, vehicle number and the routes of transport for online monitoring at the office.

  • Destruction of goods under surveillance cameras

Destruction of goods are inspected with cameras and done through strict and transparent processes that were initially discussed with the customers.

Diversified destruction processes that suit with each types of classified goods ensuring the deformation of destroyed products, loss of functionalities that prevent products from re-entering the market.

  • Completed handling of goods after destruction, not leaving any ash

Post-destruction process will be treated safely and completely with Co-processed waste treatment system in cement kiln of INSEE Ecocycle that leaves no ashes, landfill disposal, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These toxic emissions are strictly controlled through the automatic gas monitoring system and are bind to the limits set by the local government and the International law.

Customer benefits

Be assured that the amount of goods will be destroyed and entirely taken care of to avoid any negative impact on brand and personal reputations.

Ensuring full acknowledgement of the customer about the processes from the proposal, assessment, complete transfer and certified report which are strictly enforced and transparent.

Be consulted about storage, use of suitable packaging and handling of destroying goods (especially chemicals, absorptive goods, self-reactive and low explosive characteristics goods…).

Be satisfied with the safe developed destruction plan that will be thoroughly monitored to ensure the loss in functionalities, forms and value of the products.

Completed satisfaction when the destructed goods are collected safely and professionally that included with the secure sealing and handling process.

Save time in supervision of delivery and route tracking due to the reliable online GPS system.

Save time in supervision of destruction process due to the online surveillance by camera that also helps with accurate reporting.

Be satisfied that all products and goods have been thoroughly destroyed, protecting the customer’s reputation.

Using the most advanced technology to handle destructed products and discarded goods, the goal of environment protection is achieved through minimizing dumping and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Contribute to the protection and promotion of the corporate communication through sustainable development, environmental protection and social responsibility activities that are supported by our reliable waste treatment company- INSEE Ecocycle.

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