Sustainable Development


For the first time in Vietnam, the enterprises have been honored for their enormous contribution to environment. This prize is recognized by the landfill avoidance and CO2 reduction of 74 big manufacturing corporations in Vietnam. This prize is given by Ecocycle – the waste management leader in Vietnam.

The industrial waste management are an important part to build a sustainable environment in Vietnam. Inspired by that fact, the Environment Award is recognized to those enterprises who commit to manage manufacturing waste totally.

This is the first award in Vietnam to be certified by measuring the landfill avoidance and greenhouse emissions reduction (according to the United Nations formula, the United Nations Convention about Climate Change:

Ecocycle Vietnam has honored 74 large manufacturing companies selecting the Waste Co-processing method and contribute positive impacts to the environment such as Nike, Unilever, P&G, Nestle, Intel, Loc Troi…

This award is the remarkable motivation for businesses in Vietnam to spread the philosophy of sustainable business, achieve the goal of no-landfill in the production process, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build a healthy environment.


Sustainable Development


Sustainable Development

Ecocycle Vietnam gives the Environment Award for the corporations in Vietnam which commit to treat industrial waste safely, avoid landfill & reduce CO2 emissions

Sustainable Development

Ecocycle Vietnam and partners aim to build a zero landfill world for a better future

Ecocycle Vietnam is a leading brand in the field of waste treatment in Vietnam. During 10 years of operation, Ecocycle has safely treated over 690,000 tons of waste and reduced more than 1,000,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions by Co-processing method. They are also the first company in Vietnam to treat PCBs – hazardous waste on the list of wastes that need to be fully processed by 2028 in Vietnam, the first to handle HCFC – a type of gas that causes global warming … Ecocycle is proud to be a partner of over 250 major corporations in various industries in Vietnam, such as FMCG, Shoes, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides …

Co-processing in cement kilns is currently recognized worldwide as one of the most sustainable solutions for non-recyclable waste. This solution is recognized to be environmentally friendly and encouraged to apply by many international organizations such as the World Health Organization, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Basel Convention and European Cement Association.

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