About co-processing

Ecocycle Vietnam treats waste by Co-processing in the technology. The unique properties of a cement kiln make it ideal for the safe destruction of waste material even the most hazardous types of it, leaving no residue while recovering useful energy and material such as:


  • High and stable temperature: the clinker (intermediate product in the cement production), the manufacturing process requires temperatures of nearly 2,000*C. This exceeds the temperature required by US & EU’s regulations for safe thermal treatment of hazardous materials. With the large cement production capacity, we ensure this temperature is always stable
  • Long residence time (gas: nearly 8 seconds, solid: nearly 30 minutes): the second criteria for effective destruction is that the material must be maintained at high temperature for a sufficient amount of time. With long gas residence time, the cement kiln exceeds the strictest international guidelines.
  • Alkaline environment and self cleaning process: the alkaline conditions (limestone is the principle raw material used in the clinker producing process) and intensive mixing ensure the absorption of volatile components from the waste burning, ensuring that there is no impact on the emissions
  • Large capacity (30 tons of waste/hour): as the cement kiln has a large capacity, it is capable of consuming large volumes of materials
  • Continuous real-time emission monitoring system 24/7: as an additional level of security, the cement kiln is equipped with the continuous emissions monitoring equipment, which gives real-time data on the emission levels of key parameters such as: HCl, VoC, NH3, CO, Nox, SO2…
  • Leaving no residue, avoid landfill and reduce CO2 emissions


Those benefits are not only for customers but also for the entire environment. It lessens reliance on fossil fuels, preserves natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Co-processing in cement kilns is now globally recognized as the most sustainable options to treat non-recyclable materials by World Business for Sustainable Development, Basel Convention, European Cement Association …



Co-processing is positioned in the Waste Management Hierarchy as a combined option to recover energy and mineral parts of the wastes.

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