Industrial Waste Treatment

Industrial Waste Treatment


INSEE Ecocycle offers a safe and efficient solution designed to treat industrial wastes through the cement burning kilns. As a result, INSEE Ecocycle prevents landfill dumping, reduces CO2 and other gaseous emissions as well as eliminates harmful precipitates.

Industrial Solid Wastes

Having the characteristics that could affect the environment and human health, industrial solid wastes – a result from manufacturing activities, are categorized into 2 types: non-harmful waste (CTRCN) and toxic waste (CTNH).

CTRCN is identified as the eco-friendly and non-harmful substandard products that are formed after a production activity.

In contrast, CTNH has inflammable, erosive and oxidized characteristics that create the adverse effects on the local inhabitants and the ecosystem. As reported, CTNH has high-level toxicity according to the Decree No. 38/2015/ND-CP on Management of Waste and Discarded Materials of the Vietnam Government. Additionally, this Decree’s main purpose is to identify the differences between the non-harmful waste-CTRCN and the toxic waste-CTNH in order to limit the discarded amounts.

Due to the industrial complex, disposal wastes vary accordingly. These wastes form due to the nature of the discharged chemicals and the technologies used during the production process.The 4 sources that produce CTNH are:

  • Industrial activities (e.g. drug production, chemical wastes, pesticide residual, etc.)
  • Agriculture and farming (e.g. fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and theirs packaging, etc.)
  • Expired or unqualified products and chemicals
  • Usage of other energy sources (e.g. battery, storage cell, etc.)

The amount of discarded industrial solid wastes has risen because of the increase in economic activities and country development. Not only this has a negative impact on the local citizens and the environment, it also affects the corporation’s reputation along with their social and economic responsibilities.

With over 10 years of experience, INSEE Ecocycle has successfully and safely handled over 1,000,000 tons of both non-harmful and hazardous wastes and we are proud to become the leading industrial waste treatment service company in Vietnam.

Co-processing Cement Kiln Technology – Safe Method for Industrial Wastes Treatment

Co-processing Cement Kiln Technology thoroughly treats waste disposals in a safe, eco-friendly and efficient way which enhances the use of renewable resource by utilizing energy from recycled wastes, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate landfill dumping. This technology is recognized globally and promoted by the Basel Treaty, the Association of European Cement and the World Business Council for a more sustainable development.

In Vietnam, INSEE Ecocycle is the first and only qualified company to treat specific hazardous solid wastes such as contaminated oil like PCB, HCFC and DDT.

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Industrial Wastes Treatment Process (CTCN)

  • Inspect and consult on industrial wastes management (non-hazardous waste)

Inspect warehouse, packaging and storage conditions to diagnose the types of wastes in order to provide consultation about identifying wastes and solution for storing non-hazardous waste within the premise of the factory, binding with the current law.

Consult about treatment method for different types of CTCN (e.g. wastes from leather footwear, plastic, harmful ashes, coal slag, plaster, sand, brick,…)

  • Sample industrial waste, analyze and develop collection plan

Collect samples from all industrial wastes to find an effective and suitable solution for each treatment.

Determine important factors (moisture level, volume, inflammability) for transport and handling planning as well as analyze hazardous components (inflammability, heavy metal, mercury, compatibility, chloride, etc.) contain in wastes.

Develop and provide a specific plan for packing, compressing and collecting process for different industrial wastes along with risks warning and safety instruction when classifying and storing wastes within the factory’s premise.

  • Collect and transport industrial solid wastes

Legally collect and transport industrial solid wastes by a 2.5T, 5T, 8T truck or with a suitable container that is qualified for its storage capacity.

Depending on the types of wastes and storage capacity, different plans for waste compactor, packing and pouring are executed to optimize the collecting process.

Build regional transit stations, wharves for loading and unloading wastes to enhance geographical convenience for the customers.

Carefully monitor the transporting process to prevent leakage.

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  • Proper storing and pre-treatment process for industrial solid wastes

Our storage, with a large surface area of 8,000 m2, was designed according to the European standards in compliance with the Vietnamese law. The entire storage is equipped with the advance fire alarm system and the explosion-proof lamps.

Waste pre-treatment machine has a large capacity of 200 tons/hour, ensuring that it can pre-processing large quantities of industrial waste before putting it into a cement kiln.

  • Sustainable treatment of industrial waste without landfill disposal

The process for industrial wastes treatment is fully mechanized and automated (mixing, cutting, transporting and automatically loading into the cement kilns), minimizing the contact between wastes and human to enhance a safe way of handling wastes.

The Co-processor Cement Kiln Technology produces no ashes and other precipitates, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and eliminates landfill disposal method. These toxic emissions are strictly controlled by a 24/7 automatic gas monitoring system that detect whether the level of toxicity is permissible binding to the International and Vietnam laws.


Customer Benefits

An enterprise is responsible to manage and treat industrial wastes legally and appropriately since it is required by law and there is accessible consultation from companies and agencies.

Less time-consuming on researching about waste management.

Provision of waste management consultation from leading professional companies.

Receive an opportunity to understand more about the industrial wastes that are generated by industrial activities in order to control, manage and avoid risks arising from safety and legal compliance.

Get consultation about storage method, the uses of packaging in contact with CTCN to ensure safety for the people and production.

Satisfied with our reliable wastes collecting service that binds with the legal requirements.

Production activity is ensured because the CTCN collecting process has been organized and implemented thoroughly in accordance with the safety and environmental regulations of the factory.

Satisfied when CTCN is carefully transported, monitored and treated in a thorough manner.

Satisfied with the secured storage after transporting the wastes out of the plant, avoiding risks associated with the law and illegal storage incidents as well as un-preceded explosion from chemicals and leakage.

Carefree when the amount of waste disposals increased due to economic development, because INSEE Ecocycle Vietnam can process large quantity of industrial wastes.

Promote corporation’s reputation due to the sustainable development activity that enhances environmental protection and social responsibility.

Contact us for Industrial Wastes Treatment service at Ho Chi Minh, Binh Duong, Long An, Vung Tau, Dong Nai. Or contact our hotline to be consulted.

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