Hazardous Waste Treatment

Hazardous Waste Treatment


Geocycle now INSEE Ecocycle Vietnam is the only company that offers hazardous waste disposal service licensed to treat hazardous PCB waste and is the only unit capable of handling hazardous HCFC waste – substances that cause ozone depletion in older air conditioner generations. The Co-processing system of hazardous waste disposal in cement kilns is currently the most advanced and safest technology for hazardous waste treatment and INSEE Ecocycle Vietnam proud to be the leader.
With high and stable temperature, long burning time, alkaline environment and self-filtering process, large capacity and 24/7 continuous emission control system of Co-processing system, INSEE Ecocycle Vietnam receives and safely handles various hazardous wastes such as chemicals, pesticides, HCFC, PCB …


Process of hazardous waste treatment (CTNH) of INSEE Ecocycle

  • Inspect and consult about waste management

Inspect warehouse, packaging, storage status of CTNH to give consultancy and proposals in accordance with the requirements of the CTNH management Law and TT 36.
Consulting on how to manage and utilize CTNH documents accurately and effectively.

  • Hazardous waste sampling, risk analysis and warning

Take samples of representatives of each hazardous waste with safe and specialized tools.
Analyze content of hazardous components in waste (ignition point, PH acidity, heavy metals, compatibility, sulfur, chlorine, …)
Provide suitable packaging and stamps that match with the nature of each type of hazardous waste along with the risk warning and safety instructions when classifying and storing hazardous wastes that have high compatibility level.

  • Collecting and shipping of hazardous waste

Collecting hazardous waste by 5T, 8T trucks, containers that meet legal standards and fully equipped with emergency rescue equipment for accidental spills.
Drivers and collectors are fully equipped with PPE, ECOCYCLE industrial solid waste treatment company professionally trained staff in classifying, collecting and consulting hazardous waste documents. Professional attitudes are maintained during the collection of hazardous waste.
In addition of being trained to respond to emergency incidents, the driver is also trained to drive forklift trucks to assist customers in hazardous waste collection.
Provide online GPS before each collection trip to facilitate tracking and accurate inspection of driver information, vehicle numbers and actual hazardous waste transport route in the office through online monitoring system.

  • Safe storage of hazardous waste

Large storage, total area of over 8,000 m2, being designed following the European standards and complying with the Vietnamese law. All warehouses are equipped with modern automatic fire alarm systems and explosion-proof lights.
Waste is classified, strict quality control of input and output according to First in – first out mechanism to ensure the process of hazardous waste treatment is quick and correct.

  • Thorough and sustainable hazardous waste disposal

The process of hazardous waste treatment is 100% mechanized and automated (mixing, cutting, transporting and automatically loading into cement kilns), minimizing contact between hazardous waste and people. Ensuring safety when dealing with hazardous waste.
Hazardous waste is automatically loaded into cement kilns by a closed system, reducing odor dispersion and spilling that would impact the environment.
Co-processing technology thoroughly processes hazardous waste, leaving no ash, eliminating burial process and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. The toxic emissions are strictly controlled according to the maximum emission allowance of International and Vietnam all due to the help of automatic gas monitoring system on 24/7.

Customer benefits

Be updated and consulted on the law and regulations of hazardous waste management, responsibilities and penalties to ensure that the Enterprise manages hazardous waste in accordance with legal requirements.

Save time researching and understanding complicated legal documents and is always up-to-date.

Sharing experience of hazardous waste management from professional and leading companies.

Have the opportunity to understand the hazardous waste generated from production activities of the Enterprise, to provide appropriate control and treatment plans. Avoid risks arising from safety and legal compliance.

Be consulted about storage, use of packaging and treating of hazardous waste, ensure safety factor for people and production.

Saving cost of packaging and hazardous waste stamps and save time to handle incidents arising when hazardous waste reacts due to improper ways of classifying and storing.

Completely assured when hazardous waste is collected safely, professionally and documents are completed in accordance with legal requirements.

Save time monitoring waste delivery, document redemption and follow up with the shipping route of hazardous waste transportation.

The production activities are ensured because the process of collecting hazardous waste has been planned and implemented quickly, strictly complying with safety and environmental regulations within the factory.

Take representative samples of hazardous wastes with specialized and safe tools.

Satisfied when hazardous waste is safely stored after being transported out, avoiding the risks associated with the law when there are illegal storing that causes fire and explosion due to hazardous waste storage, achieving the targets of environmental protection by not burying waste and is able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Completely assured when hazardous waste is thoroughly treated, there is absolutely no landfill to avoid legal risks arising later. Fully committed to the obligations and responsibilities the customers to ensure that hazardous waste must be thoroughly and completely treated.

Contribute to the protection and promotion of the Corporate brand through the activities of Sustainable development, Environmental protection and social responsibility.

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